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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 1, 2016 1:31am-2:01am CDT

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? let's go ? >> announcer: kick off the weekend early, cause "the view's" live. january net's baby bump. the first photos of jackson pregnant at 50. is this too late to start a family? plus, "snl" weekend update anchors colin jost and michael che hit the "hot topics" table.
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atwell. ? let's go ? >> announcer: "hot topics" are lighting up. with joy. sunny hostin. raven-symone. sara haines. and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started. ? we should go crazy too we should go crazy we should go we should go we should go ? ? have change "the view" ? [ cheers and applause ] well, hello, everybody. and welcome to "the view." happy friday to everybody. >> happy friday. we have had quite a week on the
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especially yesterday, because trump campaign manager kellyanne conway was here. we were preempted in new york. the rest of the country saw it. trump's surrogates say the darnedest things. the lovely paula asked her about a story. she may have said more than she should have. >> i want to ask you about a story that's breaking this morning. one of trump's kaens spent money in cuba during the embargo, these are serious accusations. >> no, they're not treasonous. read the whole story. it starts with a headline. he decided not to invest there. if you read the entire story. >> are you denying his company spent any money in cuba. >> as i understand from the story, they paid money in 1998.
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she admitted trump was doing business in cuba during the emba embargo, which i understand is is illegal. i don't want to sound br braggadocio. but this is huge for "the view." we broke the story. what do you think? >> kurt, two wrote the story, tweeted clearly kellyany conway embargo law. she just unknowingly confessed that trump broke it. >> she did. that was my reading of it. she put it out there. and, you know, trump is struggling with the latino vote. latinos feel strongly about cuba and the embargo and anyone that would violate that. >> mostly in miami, i think. >> well, he needs florida. typically, latinos do vote republican in florida.
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that. i was at the justice department. friends and i, we flew to jamaica. they were like, let's go to cuba. i was like, i work for the justice department. i'm not going to violate the embar dpoe. he's trying to be the president of the united states. he's violated it. >> has he said anything since this came out? >> after the show, kellyanne denied everything in a tweet. for those getting hard news from the view, business officials in cuba, two, respected the embargo, and three, was critical of castro. >> i come from hard news, kellyanne. don't tell me about hard news from "the view." you want some hard news from the "view," we'll give you hard news from "the view." donald trump hired consultants. he was talking about how great the embar doe does, he sird a
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buck under that castro regime he was criticizing. did he get federal approval for that? was this a humanitarian effort? one of the few instances that you're allowed. and why was he talking about how great the embargo was to people trying to get votes while he was behind the scenes going through a consulting firm to try to figure out if he could make money there? is that hard news? >> and he paid the consul >> if that's not what was going on, what did that almost $70,000 go toward? and if they didn't spend money. she's saying they didn't invest in cuba. what about travel expenses. >> can i say trump is going so they that he used the laws to his advantage. that's what he says. he uses the law of america to his advantage. that's his answer to that one. >> the problem is, similar to his relationships with russia
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he takes into consideration nothing about the international relationships with those countries. he's worrying about his business first. it's all about his business first. >> that's all he cares about. he's very selfish. >> i wonder, any latinos that are thinking about voting for donald trump, i hope that they saw that interview. i hope that they're watching now. the bottom line is he needs 33% of the latino he talks about building a wall. he's anti-immigration. anti-female. why if you are -- and now he violated the embargo. if you're a latino, what would possess you to vote for donald trump? >> he's in a lot of trouble with the women thing with machado. >> can i read his statement? >> i have a quote after that. >> he gave a statement. he said, i never went to cuba. i have never been there. i never did business there.
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i know nothing. >> that's not the issue. the issue is, first of all, he's a very powerful guy. he's not going to go. he'll send the people to do dirty work. that's not the issue. the issue is hypocrisy. if you're saying, i support the embargo because i don't support what this regime stands for and you're investigating a way to make money under that regime, you're a hypocrite. >> >> you know how to fix it? you can vote. yerks yesterday, you saw how easy it was to register to vote. and it's even easier on social media. all it takes is a swipe on snapchat and celebs like jared leto, i lo him. and ryan seacrest. and dwayne "the rock" johnson will be there to cheer you on. youtube also wants you to be informed before you hit the
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life campaign, which is live-streaming presidential debates. if you're online -- and who isn't -- get yourself registered to vote. because the future is up to you. and we can stop having this conversation. [ cheers and applause ] we have to stop. just one day. one day, please. >> it's the greatest conversation. so interesting. >> you can thatting about this man every single day raises my blood pressure. >> it's not about him. it's about the country. >> he's a little amoeba. i don't like it. i think we should talk about the birds in the sky. i'm tired of talking about "hot topics." about you know who.
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>> announcer: still ahead, "snl weekend update" anchors colin jost and michael che hit the "hot topics" table. and star of the hot new series, "conviction," hayley atwell. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back. okay, um, now, donald trump also
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clinton's peccadillos, you know what those are, right? little since that he committed during those years. >> what a cute word for it. >> isn't it a cute word? peccadillo. i love it. he may bring it up at the next debate. he said he didn't at the last debate because he didn't want to offend chelsea. he says he's now going to bring it up. will this backfire or hurt him? >> well, bill's not running. if bill were somehow running, it fine. bill was already president. hillary is running. she can't be held responsible, as much as i can look at bill's actions and say it was a disgrace to the office of the presidency, it's him. not her. >> and her numbers rose. i didn't feel bad. i was much younger. my parents filled me in. were they feeling bad or like, man, she's holder her on. she is is a strong woman
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we know what he did. she did what every woman wishing they could do. >> what about the fact that people are attack her that she trashed the women that -- >> in november, she tweeted every survivor of sexual assault deserved to be heard, believed, and supported. she said everyone should be believed at first, until disbelieved on evidence. she called monica narcissistic loony tune. she said gennifer flowers was trailer trash. >> we can all sit here and say, i would never trash the other woman for sleeping with my man because my relationship is with the man no to the woman. guess what? >> go latina on us now. come on. >> the bottom line is, you are going to be upset with the other woman as well because she
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girl code. i mean, monica lewinsky knew he was married. gennifer flowers knew he was married. i would be pissed, too. >> if they were kind of "house of cards'ing" it. if the she did that, then i'm pissed. >> she reacted like any other woman would. >> they're accusing him of rape and sexual assault, it takes it to a new level. >> violating monica lewinsky. go if i were with a guy, somebody accused him of that, i don't know that i would jump back on those women. she's a defender of women. people are like, why did you have to go after those women? >> because they were sleeping with her man. >> sexual assault is a big deal. i'm not holding her responsible. >> how stupid was he that he didn't think monica lewinsky was
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come on? if you're sleeping with the president of the united states, you're not going to tell your girlfriend. >> you're definitely bragging about that. >> it's ridiculous that they're blaming her for being upset at bill and these other women. she's a human being. she's a human being. >> blame the victim. >> i don't think they're blaming her for being upset. i think they're blaming her for being an take dog. >> you sleep with my man, i'm going on the faces. you have something behind the scenes. you have something else on the scenes. she's trying to get votes. trying to make higher money. the personal doesn't always work with professional. everybody knows that. >> you asked if it is smart politically, i don't think so. at this stage of the game, people know the history with the clintons. it bother them or oat doesn't. they're going say donald, talk about the issues. tell me how you're going make
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>> plus the fact that in 1992, donald trump said, quote you have to treat women like the s word. this is a guy who is -- >> like feces? >> yeah. >> really? >> in 1992. >> that's the other problem. >> there's no more to that? >> he sounds like a pimp from up the street. >> that's how he treats women. >> she can turn it on him. when you make an accusation like that, you better be all she has to do is say, let's quote some of the things you have said about women. if i were him, i would shy away from that. >> back in "the post" back in the day, she said, best sex i ever had. he was still married toive van that -- ivana. >> i think people don't think it's wrong when it's man doing it. >> there's a double standard.
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welcome back. okay, now, photos of 50-year-old janet jackson showing off her baby bump were just released. yeah. >> yeah. >> i think you're gorgeous. >> i don't know if i would do that. i'll tell you when i turn 50, okay? what do you think? would you do that at 50? if i was janet jackson, i would. >> why? >> because i'm janet jackson. i have my -- i already have my career set up. i married the king of a town somewhere in another country. and i'm janet jackson. i'm going to have a baby at any time and any day. i've been on tour. i've been entertaining the world. i'm mad i can't see you perform. and if you want a godmother, i'm here for you, janet. >> at that age, you could get a surrogate and implant your eggs and his sperm. you don't have to do it to your body. >> maybe she wants the
1:57 am
not having more children. i ran out of time because your eggs get old. and i -- i wanted to -- >> i used a -- egg and he turned out so good so far. >> i didn't save my eggs. if you have the opportunity to do it, then, my goodness, that's pretty wonderful. >> and she can. she can. >> it's wonderful. >> my eggs were in me, but they're probably also expired. i had it later. i love a woman w i myself already feel like i was -- i am old having a baby. and my mom said some of the struggles i had, she said, remember, your bodies is designed in a lot of ways to do though th younger. i'm geriatric in my baby world. >> then what is she? post geriatric. >> but -- >> hey, hey, hey. she's janet jackson. we don't know how old she is. >> she might be 60?
1:58 am
i'm just say ppg i like when you see people that are not the typical age of child bearing having kids because you know that those kids, the way they teach them is different than a younger parent. you know what i'm saying. i love meeting kids raised by their grandparents. you have class. >> your body right when you're superyoung. your mind is not right until later. everybody has a different path in life. mae else's life worked out. their order was a little bit different. that's okay. that can happen. >> it seems unfair. men can do this until their 80. >> i know. >> some of them do. >> some of them do. >> remember tony randall, he had a couple of kids in his 70s. >> i think michael douglas -- i might be confusing celebs. he was up there. >> you were mixing tony randall with michael douglas? >> no, no. not -- no.
1:59 am
she's not sure of the age. >> i got that. i think the one word of caution is that it is hard to get pregnant adds you get older. and it is -- >> after 35. >> after 35. i think some women will see this and think, okay,ky wait. you know, think we need to be cautious. i went through ivf because i wait sod long. and -- >> interestingly enough. >> it's off the road, everyone. a tough road. >> a woman on the street said to me, i was walking my dogs. i said something a she said, oh, sweetie, don't wait to have kids. as i stood there sing wl two whicchihua chihuahuas. >> sometimes your life doesn't give you an option to go sooner. >> helen mirren said she's glad she didn't have children because she's free. >> look at her career. sbl she said recently she's
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